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HVOF Coating Services From HVT

Replacing worn or obsolete components can be expensive and the downtime excessive, and often it is not required (nor cost-effective) for the desired result. You may just need a customised HVOF coating.

At High Velocity Technologies, your unique situation will be met with a bespoke, engineered solution to ensure the best possible long-term outcome for you and your business.

What Is HVOF And How Can It Benefit You?

HVOF is a thermal spray/metal spray process which utilises the combustion of a fuel-oxygen mixture and powder injection to deposit metal coatings onto a substrate.

The resultant kinetic impact creates a mechanical bond between the coating and the substrate, with coatings exhibiting high-density deposition and a low oxide content.

HVOF is widely used to refurbish and extend the service life of components, particularly in harsh, aggressive environments (e.g. highly acidic/alkaline/saline soils or waters) or where protection against heat, corrosion, impact or abrasion damage is required.

This results in less maintenance, less downtime and significantly lower costs than replacing parts, as well as giving you the option to customise protection to your unique situation.

What We Offer

High Velocity Technologies services a range of industries that operate in a variety of different environments and with varying budgets.

We pride ourselves on offering bespoke, engineered solutions to clients. HVT is experienced and equipped with an array of different coatings to suit your needs, including:

  • Tungsten Carbide Alloys – Exhibiting high bond strength and low porosity, tungsten carbide coatings are robust and provide high wear and corrosion resistance. Tungsten carbide alloys are a perfect match with earthmoving industries or components exposed to impact damage, dynamic work and corrosive environments. Though more costly than the alternatives, tungsten carbide coatings will far exceed expectation and provide exceptional longevity in service life.
  • Chrome Carbide Alloys – Used extensively in boiler tubes for its resistance to degradation in high-temperature environments, chrome carbides provide excellent wear resistance and are perfect for those wanting to protect against abrasion, fretting, cavitation and particle erosion. These coatings are a more budget-friendly alternative to tungsten carbide whilst still providing excellent resistance to harsh operating environments.
  • Chromium-Nickel Alloys – The hard chrome replacement in both equivalent price and durability, these coatings provide high corrosion, abrasion, fretting and particle erosion resistance in higher temperature environments. These coatings provide an economical choice for those needing to balance component longevity with a smaller budget.
  • Super Alloys – Examples include Inconel and Hastelloy, with exceptional thermal and corrosion resistance, super alloys provide the protection you need when working in temperature extremes, highly acidic or alkaline solutions and saline environments. These coatings are ideal for pump or impellor shafts and in tandem with other coatings in downhole applications.
  • Stainless Steel – A highly cost-effective coating, stainless steel provides wear and corrosion resistance whilst providing an economical solution for rebuilding dimensional aspects of worn or damaged parts. Perfect for returning components to OEM specifications for the right price.

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