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Custom Fabrication Services For You

High Velocity Technologies is your go-to provider for custom fabrication welding services. With our expertise and experience, we can fabricate various tooling and jigging solutions to accommodate a wide range of components in need of repair. Whether you require ad-hoc repairs, custom fabrication for unique or obsolete parts, or specialised jigging for large-scale projects and service contracts, we have you covered.

Our team excels in designing and manufacturing specialised jigging solutions that reduce costs and increase efficiencies for long-term projects. We can optimise processes and streamline operations by developing custom jigging tailored to your specific requirements, ultimately saving you time and resources.

In addition to our custom fabrication services, we specialise in prototype projects. We understand the importance of prototyping in product development and refinement. Our team can assist you in bringing your ideas to life, providing the necessary expertise and resources to create functional prototypes that meet your specifications.

When it comes to metal fabrication, High Velocity Technologies has the capabilities and knowledge to handle a wide range of projects. Our comprehensive range of services includes welding, machining, and thermal spray, allowing us to deliver complete solutions to our clients. We are dedicated to delivering exceptional quality and craftsmanship in every project we undertake.

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